VESS in action - VESS Centers visit


An opportunity to experience VESS through virtual visits to educational centers that are implementing a VESS Culture of Thinking and want to share it with others.


During this day, we will have virtual visits to kindergartens and schools members of the VESS International Network. Observation sessions in virtual and face-to-face classrooms, guided tours of the VESS Centers, and conversation sessions where we can talk and answer questions with the teachers and leaders of the kindergartens and schools visited.


This year the following institutions will open their doors:


During this virtual experience, attendees will observe the VESS Culture of Thinking in action, interact and ask questions to members of these institutions: students, parents, teachers, and managers, and share a learning experience with the protagonists: teachers and students.



Suggested Audience:


  • VESS International Network Members*
  • General Public with Full Access SUMMIT*


Time: 8:00 – 11:00 hrs., Miami, FL.


*Limited spaces.

*We will receive registrations until the spaces are filled.


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