VI VESS Summit


VI International VESS Summit

“VESS Empowers, transforms, and impacts.”


Format: 100% Online



  • Friday 20th: 8:00 to 16:00 hr.
  • Saturday 21st: 9:00 to 17:00 hr.


Event’s General Description: 


The International VESS Summit is a meeting space for teachers and educational institutions that share the vision of transforming education globally, giving prominence to the development of thinking. In this space, the Edu1st team and the schools belonging to the VESS International Network will share their learning experiences, impact, and contribution from their processes of building and consolidating a VESS Culture of Thinking. It is a space to grow, share, and learn together.



Throughout these two days, the attendees will be able to:


  • Be speakers or attend presentations, workshops, exhibition samples, and group discussions focused on different educational levels (preschool, primary school, high school), regarding different themes and from different approaches*


  • Participate in educational talks with the VESS Model founders, Ana Maria Fernandez and Gilberto Pinzon, who will talk about the latest tendencies and challenges of education globally.


  • Participate in discussion panels and conversations around contingent issues with teachers from around the world.


  • Live the “Looking close to think deeply” experience.


  • Share, in networking, conversation, and recreation spaces, with hundreds of teachers that belong to institutions from around the world.


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