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It was created in 2000 in the United States by Ana Maria Fernandez and Gilberto Pinzon. Edu1st is the owner of 7 Early Childhood Education Centers in the United States, one of them 100% virtual, and 2 International Schools in Colombia. The creator of the VESS Model, a model of institutional transformation implemented in multiple institutions around the world and endorsed by the University of Barcelona. The founder of the First Chair of Neuroeducation, together with the University of Barcelona. Today Edu1st works with a Network of Centers on an international scale, which has taken on the challenge of rethinking education through VESS. Edu1st has centers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Poland, and the United States.


Endorsed by the Chair of Neuroeducation UB-Edu1st






The main axes of the new UB-Edu1st Neuroeducation Chair are promoting the training of professionals in the field of neuroeducation, specialized dissemination, and the transfer of knowledge to society as a whole. The UB created it in collaboration with Edu1st, an American educational platform whose purpose is to promote the culture of innovation in learning. The final objective is to encourage pedagogical and educational changes – and therefore, social – that improve a flexible, adaptable, and inclusive education for all people, with particular attention to children, teenagers, and young people. The chair will teach about pedagogical strategies, the plasticity of the human brain, and research and knowledge transfer.


Edu1st contribution: The chair is the result of a relationship between Anna Forés, and Ana Maria Fernandez, and Gilberto Pinzon, Edu1st’s founders, and the VESS Model creators.

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