VESS Educational Model


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VESS Educational Model


“Meaningful Life, with Balance and Wisdom.”


VESS is a visionary Educational Model that, in an eclectic way, gathers the best ideas from multiple approaches and educational research in the world and integrates them with the explicit purpose of forming balanced individuals that live with purpose and add value to the situations they face. It’s a reality that impacts individuals and transforms societies.


The VESS Model is supported by Thinking as a Pedagogical Strategy (PEP). This Model understands that the school life must transcend the learning of academic content and understands that to achieve pedagogical impact, a VESS Culture of Thinking must be built in educational institutions.



Our approach offers a comprehensive vision of education within the thinking process and the development of habits of mind, which are essential elements in the life of any individual. The program is designed to help children in building their minds, from childhood into adulthood, working with the principles of the natural development of their development.


The students become active protagonists in the construction of their knowledge, and the teachers act as facilitators, researchers, as well as apprentices. Their flexibility provides a matrix that can be incorporated into any curriculum or academic program, from early childhood to the more advanced levels. It provides tools, such as educational support that expands the teacher’s methodological alternatives, helping him/her to put theory into practice.



VESS Approach


We believe that through education, we can make the world a better place. For this, we are focused on four pillars:



We help the students to develop thinking skills and improve their understanding. We teach them to think, guaranteeing their understanding, and encouraging analytical, critical, and creative thinking.




We focus on teachers, seeing them as apprentices, and offering them training and accompaniment through coaching. We provide accompaniment in the use of implementation techniques, such as the use of thinking strategies.


An interdisciplinary pedagogical project that is flexible and complementary to your program, which strengthens it. It helps to create a culture of thinking in your institution, generating internal coaches and trainers so that it can be sustainable; keeping and respecting the center’s own identity and image.




A model that transcends homes and communities, forming ethical citizens with strong values; citizens that understand that citizenship goes beyond following rules and behaving. Our program to form citizens is supported by five fundamental principles that every good citizen exercises.


What do we offer


Assistance in management and implementation.

We have the experience and knowledge to help the educational centers in the transitioning of the implementation of administrative and academic models that are effective for the 21st century.


Creation of sustainable cultures of thinking.

We support the school during the culture of thinking development with training, consultancy, coaching sessions, and practical tools that ensure success. We offer a differentiated concept that has been developed, tested, and refined successfully.


A team of highly qualified professionals to provide support in all areas.

We have coaches and trainers at your disposal throughout the process.


VESS School Network.

Be part of an international network of schools that live and share the model. Constant feedback and shared experiences.


VESS Platform.

A technological platform that provides support, designed and developed to give teachers access to a significant number of resources and tools that make their task easier, to provide support and help the implementation of the different strategies and methods that encourage an institutional culture of learning and thinking.


Proven operating system model.

We transfer a proven and refined operating system that includes operating efficiency and effective management, developed by us throughout the years. A practical and tested model, internationally supported by its presence in over seven countries and 60 educational centers.


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