VI International VESS Summit Call for Papers


Send us your presentation proposal for the VI International VESS Summit


On this occasion, Edu1st invites the VESS International Network school teachers to share their experiences, research and learning in the process of generating an institutional VESS Culture of Thinking.


This year we propose various types of presentations. We invite you to make inter-institutional presentations (between schools in the network) and invite different members of your community (parents, students, teachers, managers, workers, extended community, among others) to be part of this challenge (so that they are part of the process of construction, elaboration and if possible, presentation).


We invite you to present on three themes:


  • The VESS Model contributions to remote learning.
  • The VESS Model contributions to the creation of connections within the educational community: School, Teachers, Students, and Families.
  • The VESS Model contributions from leadership challenges in uncertain contexts.
  • There’s no problem if you have another idea! We are receiving proposals on other themes as well.


The proposals can be in Spanish and English.


The invitation is to reflect on achieving sustainable VESS Cultures of Thinking that seek to impact and transcend.


Applications deadline: October 2nd, 2020

Announcement of the proposals selected: October 12th, 2020

More information:


* Remember that ONLY the VESS International Network members can send proposals to present during the Summit.

* Click here if you want to present during the Summit.

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